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Oil Knowledge Library – Coming Soon

Enrollment in this course gives you anytime access to all lessons on individual oils and blends with information on their composition, application techniques and indications. You can digest the information at any pace and in your chosen learning style with visual and audio content for each lesson.

Advanced Essential Oils – Coming Soon

This course dives deeper into human anatomy and essential oil chemistry for those wishing to become even more knowledgeable about the source and use of therapeutic grade essential oils for personal wellness. Includes more in depth information about modern essential oil research.

Creating Your Own Abundance – Coming Soon

Essential oils provide an amazing home based business opportunity. Independent distributors of Young Living Essential Oils (our preferred provider) can create personal abundance from home by sharing essential oils with others. This course will provide strategies, step by step instruction and personal assistance in becoming successful at this wonderful and freeing business. Get started right away by signing up to become a Young Living Independent Distributor today! More information.